Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Outward Facing Classroom using Augmented Reality

For anyone that was following the Teachmeet Aberdeen on Wednesday 11th May (#tmabdn), here is my presentation on using Augmented Reality app Junaio to share children's work.

My main points were:

  • There is a wide network of people including other pupils, teachers and family taking an interest in children's learning and progress. We are no longer confined to displaying children's achievements in a closed classroom or school foyer.
  • Educators have embraced the internet to motivate and reward children whilst teaching them about audiences. Take @deputymitchell's blogging work and it's affect on his pupils.
  • Mobile technology is growing and becoming much more accessible to pupils and parents. Inclusion issues will soon become comparable to that of internet access.
  • Augmented reality overlays digital 'magic' onto real life via cameras.
  • This kind of magic has already been used by 2simple's 2animate programme. See youtube video.
  • Using Junaio app, we can attach children's work to clear images. This allows children's work to be attached to their own images, work sent home, images at visits and attractions without leaving a physical mark which, in some circumstances (National Trust Properties?) would be undesirable.
  • Use GPS to represent these locations on a live map.
  • Collaboration is essential. I would like to set up a Glow group to work towards a Junaio channel to showcase children's work in the borough. 
  • At present, a friendly user interface allows creation of Junaio Glue channels, attaching video and 3D models. (I'll upload a 'how to' video shortly)
  • Much much more is possible and in collaboration with other primary and secondary school teachers we can create a template to get children's work out to a new, wider, tech-aware audience.
  • Remember, to borrow a quote from elsewhere, "Email is that thing your Dad uses." We need to move with technology to excite and keep up with our pupils.

Feel free to post your comments and thoughts to this blog. Thanks.


  1. Hi This is interesting stuff. I have a remit from a large UK Brand to engage with AR and education.

    I would like to know more.

  2. Thanks for the comment Bob. I'm sorry it's taken a long time to respond. This comment slipped through the net. Did you also read my explanation of AR in a more recent post? I'd be interested in how you are getting on with the development with AR and education.