Saturday, 10 December 2011

Possibly the most difficult exam...ever!

The following was emailed to me by a very clever friend of mine. I doubt that even he would score highly in this!

The Ultimate Exam

Faculty of Applied Omniscience

Read the questions carefully. Answer all of them. Time available: Two hours. Commence

1. History

Elaborate on the Vatican history from its beginning until today, and focus especially, but
not exclusively, on its social, economic, religious and philosophical influence on Europe,
Asia, America and Africa. Answer concisely.

2. Medicine

You have been given a razorblade, a strip of gauze bandage and a bottle of Scotch
whisky. Remove your appendix. Don't sew yourself up before your work has been
approved. You have fifteen minutes on this task.

3. Rhetoric

2500 hysterical head hunters are about to invade these premises. Calm them down. You
may use any extinct language, except greek and latin.

4. Biology

Create life. Discuss the future culture differences of this life form, given that it has
evolved from about 500 million years ago. Be specific about the expected effects on
Norwegian party politics. Prove your assumptions.

5. Music

Compose a piano concerto. Orchestrate and perform your work with flute and drum.
You will find a piano under your chair.

6. Psychology

Based on your knowledge of their works, evaluate the emotional stability, adaptability
and the surpressed frustrations of Alexander the Great, Ramses II and Hammurabi.
Support your assumptions with quotations from their works. Remember to name your
sources. It is not necessary to translate.

7. Sociology

Present the sociological problems that might arise in connection with The Day of

Judgement. Design and conduct an experiment to prove your conclusions.

8. Technology

On your desk you will find a disassembled coarse-caliber rifle. You will also find an
instruction manual in Swahili. In ten minutes a hungry Bengal tiger will be released in this
room. Take all precautions you find necessary. Be prepared to defend your decisions.
Remember that the Bengal tiger is an endangered, protected species.

9. Economy

Develop a realistic plan to refinance the national debt. Explain what effects the plan will
have on the following fields: Cubism and the Donatist-dispute over the wave-nature
of light. Establish a method to avoid these effects. Then criticise this method from all
conceivable points of view. Identify the weaknesses of your viewpoint in the same way
as in the previous question.

10. Political science

There is a red telephone on your desk. Start World War III. Give a report on the
sociopolitical effects of it, if any of the kind will occur.

11. Epistemology

Decide whether to defend or to reject truth. Prove the substance in your choice.

12. Physics

Explain the structure of matter. In your explanation, please include an evaluation of the
significance mathematical development has had on all science.

13. Philosophy

Outline the development of human ratio. Estimate its significance. Compare with the
development of any other form of thinking.

14. General knowledge

Discuss the topic in detail. Be objective and specific.

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