Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I'm just on my way home from the very first PedagooNE and feel the need to update my blog straight away. As I was saying to Martin this evening, I definitely feel that my enthusiasm and interest of teaching follows regular peaks and troughs. The troughs usually follow intense peaks where I become focused and perhaps slightly obsessed with projects or ideas. Although sometimes I just fancy a rest. Events like Teachmeets and pedagooNE serve to give me a real inspiration hit and fill me with enthusiasm. Here are some of the things that I learnt about this evening.

Learning and Outreach: Special Collections Centre provides experience days and a range of free workshops and services related to a range of historical sources.

Claire Illingworth showcased Speak Up Scotland, a resource to encourage debating in the classroom in a way that can be quick and easy. Perfect for plenaries or for teachers like me who maybe are not as confident in leading debates in the classroom. Follow her on twitter @belledefluff

Duncan MacLeod from Aberdeen College took us through the process of creating a badge reward scheme for students at F.E. level and talked about the impact that this had on attainment and attendance. He shared some fantastic media projects that the students had achieved particular success in. Thanks @aktoman

From the virtual world of the Internet, Ian Simpson presented his video about Class Dojo and the positive effect that it has had on his S1 pupils. I spoke to Ian over the October break and he gave me a sneaky heads-up on the Class Dojo resource. I began using it with my class this week and it has been a great success so far. I'll blog about my experience at the end of this term. Thanks @familysimpson

And finally, Stuart Brown gave an insight to his current work with disengaged young people and how he has completely redesigned his workspace to provide a more conducive learning space for the young people he works with. Again, this is something I will follow up with Stuart and blog about in the future. His fresh outlook has already had me thinking about the positive learning environments promoted by people like Steven Heppell.

For anyone looking for my presentation on Our Class Geocache, I have embedded it below. I blogged about this in a previous post so have a look and feel free to post any questions.


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